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ACI eManifest for Canada (CBSA)

Combine BorderConnect PARS Tracking with ACI

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Cross Faster With BorderConnect ACI eManifest

Cross Faster With BorderConnect ACI eManifest

BorderConnect's ACI eManifest software is designed to help you process eManifests for CBSA quickly and easily.

Print, Fax or Email Leadsheets

Easily print barcoded ACI eManifest leadsheets or send them directly from BorderConnect to drivers on the road.

Combine RNS PARS Tracking with ACI

BorderConnect uses CBSA's Release Notification System so you can get up to the minute notifications on your ACI shipments.

Fast Data Entry

BorderConnect's intuitive quick-assign feature helps you find what you're looking for, and saves you time when entering ACI data.

Free 24/7 Live Support

Trained ACI eManifest specialists are standing-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always speak to a real person.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of BorderConnect to my job

—  Erica Weiko, Drive Logistics

Easily Create ACI In-Bond Shipments And More

Easily Create ACI In-Bond Shipments And More

There's more to eManifests than PARS. Easily make In-Bond shipments, ATA Carnets, and any of over a dozen ACI eManifest shipment types with the press of a button. BorderConnect adapts on-the-fly, making sure to ask you for the information unique to those shipment types.

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Generate & Print Barcoded Leadsheets

Generate & Print Barcoded Leadsheets

CBSA requires your driver to have a scannable barcode. BorderConnect can help you stay compliant with barcoded leadsheets for you and your drivers, generated unique for each trip. Send leadsheets to your drivers by fax, email, or print them yourself for easy access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions regarding ACI eManifest

Do I need to do an ACI eManifest?

If you are taking a commercial shipment into Canada, CBSA requires that an ACI eManifest must be submitted electronically.

Is the first month really free?

Yes! You can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial of BorderConnect today! It's risk-free and there is absolutely no financial obligation. After your free month's trial, we'll call to see how you've made out.

What do I need to register for ACI eManifest with BorderConnect?

CBSA requires highway carriers to register for ACI service providers separately. Top get started we will need a valid Carrier Code and your company details.

How long does it take until I am registered to use ACI eManifest?

After we receive your ACI application, we will send it immediately to CBSA's TCCU unit. It can take up to 10 days to get registered, but usually takes much less.

Is your software easy to use?

Of course! We designed our software with the user in mind. We have many additional features within our software, such as quick-assigning drivers, trucks, trailer and shipment details. Fax or email leadsheets to drivers and more! What takes up to 10 minutes in the CBSA portal, takes 1 minute in BorderConnect.

What if I need help with the software, or my driver is stuck at the border?

No sweat! You can call one of our sales and support agents 24/7. We'll walk you through whatever issue your dealing with, and get your driver moving quickly!

Do I need to do an ACI eManifest if I'm crossing empty?

Although it technically isn't required to submit an ACI eManifest when crossing empty, we have started to see that specific ports are requiring carriers to process an ACI for empty loads. As such, we recommend filing an ACI eManifest when crossing empty.

Once my ACI eManifest is accepted can I approach the border?

No. CBSA requires all drivers to wait one full hour after the ACI eManifest is accepted before approaching the border. Failure to wait one hour could result in AMPS penalties from CBSA. BorderConnect has a countdown clock for all accepted eManifests to ensure that our customers are aware of how much time they have remaining before they can cross.

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Learn the requirements and the history of ACE Manifest for CBP.

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